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Avaya ACSS - 3104: How to Pass?

Certification Overview

This certification is also referred as ACSS - Avaya one-X UC Soft Clients Certification. As the name says, this certification has been developed to deliver the candidate with everything relating to Avaya One-X product. This means that the candidates have now got the opportunity in the form of this certification to master the administration, maintenance, implementation and management of Avaya One-X Soft Clients. This certification is the perfect package to endow them with the most modern and amazing techniques to manage and maintain this Avaya One-X with ease and ultimate perfection.

Who can do this certification

Support specialists with a good deal of experience in the management of Avaya One-X are highly recommended to do this certification. The reason is that these people already have some experience of working with this product and will be able to understand new concepts and techniques quite easily. Furthermore, it will also prove very beneficial for them to do this certification. Keeping in mind the wide popularity of Avaya products, doing this certification to get official credibility is indeed a great idea. The certification promises to convey much more than one can imagine.


The greatest benefit of this certification is in the aspect of getting jobs. People who attain this certification have got the chance to acquire jobs as Avaya One-X maintainers, implementers, technical supporters and administrators. Such a variety of jobs as a result of only one certification is quite rare indeed. These certified people who get these jobs will be able to earn higher than $60000 each year as this certification has great worth and value in the job market.

Associated Exam

Those who wish to acquire this certification will have to go through an advanced exam which will assess various abilities of the candidate. The exam is titled as "Avaya one-X UC Soft Clients Implementation and Maintenance Exam". As the title explains, the exam will specifically test the candidate with questions regarding the step of implementation and maintenance. However, all the steps in between are also included and form a fundamental part of this exam.


As far as the skills required for this certification are concerned, they mostly deal with the basic operation of Avaya One-X. The applicant should make sure he has an experience of at least 2 years with Avaya One-X as most of the prerequisites required will be gained during that time period. The applicant should be able to individually operate the product and sort out any problems which occur. Furthermore, he should also have some idea that how he is supposed to implement the system and maintain it afterwards. Most importantly, working according to the customer requirement is a skill which the candidate must possess if he wishes to work further in this field.

Examination Overview

Avaya one-X UC Soft Clients Implementation and Maintenance Exam.

This exam will be dealing with several issues and will be using different questions to test the applicant from various angles. These are the core topics which the exam will include.

  1. Gathering Implementation data
  2. Carrying out implementation
  3. Maintaining the product
  4. Managing customer requirements
  5. Knowing product's architecture
  6. Troubleshooting of problems and issues

Make a note that these six topics will cover almost 90 percent of the exam. The questions concerning each topic will be approximately 10. The questions will be mostly based on technical aspect of each topic with respect to Avaya One-X, although there will also be some general questions. The main focus of the candidate should stay on how the product is maintained and how is he supposed to manage the customer's requirements. Since this certification is primarily designed for support specialists, the aspect of dealing with customers in extremely important. It would be much better if the applicant can find some sample questions for this exam to get a rough idea of the type of questions in it.

The allotted time for Avaya one-X UC Soft Clients Implementation and Maintenance Exam is exactly 105 minutes. All the questions must been solved in this time frame. Furthermore, the candidate should know that he will not be getting less than 60 questions in this exam. The questions will be pure multiple choice ones.

Validity of the Certification

This certification, like all other ACSS certifications, will also stay valid for the duration of 2 years. If the applicant wishes to hold the certification for a longer duration, he should apply for recertification once it expired.

Expert Review

Avaya One-X users have got a blessing the form of this certification. They must consider doing it as it will help them get good employment opportunities and will raise their standards. I would personally suggest this certification for all the support specialists out there.

Amber Arthur, The Center of Technology

Munich, Germany

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