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Avaya Implementation Professional Specialist (AIPS) Certification

Certification Overview

AIPS, also known as Avaya Implementation Professional Specialist, is a certification which merely focuses on the aspect of implementation of an Avaya product or solution. This certification is of basic to intermediate level and required some foundation skills by the candidate. This certification makes sure that it provides the quality skills to all the people who wish to work with Avaya products as implementers. The main purpose of this certification stands to provide the technical skills to these people so that they are able to implement and install Avaya products in a better and more efficient manner.

Who can do this Certification

This certification is open to all people who have some experience with working with Avaya products and especially working in the field of implementation. The minimum amount of experience required by this certification is around 2-3 years. The candidate who does this certification must make sure that he has implemented and installed a significant number of products of Avaya and knows the procedure for troubleshooting it. Furthermore, he is required to know how to gather the require information before starting the process. If he possesses all of these required skills beforehand, this certification is going to be extremely beneficial for him and will let him excel in his field.


With the increasing number of companies making use of Avaya products, there is an increasing need for authorized people to manage the process of implementation. People who do this certification are able to get extremely good jobs in respectable companies because of the high worth of this certification. They can be able to get jobs for the implementation and installation of the products of Avaya. They will also get highly-satisfying salaries, probably higher than $40000 annually.

Associated Exam

There are some credentials within this certification from which the candidate can choose only one to acquire certification in it. The most relevant one for this certification's purpose is the Small and Medium Enterprise credential. The exam associated with this certification is Avaya IP Office Basic Implementation Online Test. This is an online test which is compulsory to be cleared for this certification.


Before opting for this certification, the candidate should take some optional courses in order to enhance his knowledge which will help him in this certification. However, there are some other essential requirements of this certification as well. The candidate should be able to gather all the information required to start the process. Moreover, he should be able to prepare the operating system by installing all the relevant software. He should have an understanding of the whole process so that if anything goes wrong he can provide remedy for it easily. Furthermore, he should be able to carry out most of the process without any external help.

Examination Overview

Avaya IP Office Basic Implementation Online Test - This certification required the candidate to clear this exam if he wishes to acquire his desired credential. This test will be based on the courses which the candidate will take beforehand. It will comprise of the following areas of study.

  1. Preparation for implementation
  2. Installation of Hardware
  3. Installation of Software
  4. Configuration of Software
  5. Testing and validation
  6. Diagnosing the problems

The candidate should have a thorough knowledge about all these topics and should have a tendency to use them in practical situations. The exam will test if the candidate can use all of these skills to solve various issues. It is advised that the candidate should find sample questions regarding these tests. Furthermore, he should also pay attention to the courses as the exam will mostly be based on the content taught in the associated courses.

This exam will be conducted for a period of 1 hour and 45 minutes. There will be just multiple-choice questions. The clearing of this exam is subject to scoring a high score in it.

Validity of Certification

The certification is expected to remain valid for exactly 2 years and will expire after this duration is over. Those who wish to have their certification after this time period will have to go through the procedure of recertification.

Expert Review

This certification is meant for those people with a little experience who are looking forward to increase their worth in the market. It is indeed a shortcut to get on the top and grab the top jobs out there. Who can provide better services than a certified professional? Well, this is the reason why this certification is highly admired all over the world and people who do it are required to a great extent.

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