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Avaya Professional Design Specialist (APDS) Certification

Certification Overview

This certification is designed keeping in mind those people who want to pursue their career as a designing specialist. This certification equips these people with the required skills to produce these designs according to the customer requirement. This certification is of an introductory level and makes sure that the candidates demonstrate proficiency in the area of producing technical designs. This certification provides an amazing platform to the people who wish to opt for this career and develop solutions using Avaya. Furthermore, they will also get to know the requirement of the market and devote their energies in that way.

Who can do this Certification

This certification can be done by all those Avaya associates and partners who wish to be successful design specialists. There is a special way in which the products are designed and shaped according to the way the market demands. There are some technical skills required in this regard. This certification commits to endow these people with these qualities to make them perfect for the marketplace. All those who are planning to develop Avaya solutions for the designing of their products would find this certification extremely beneficial. The candidates are shown some real-life solutions of the production and designing of the products which give them a flavor of how their job is going to be and how they are supposed to handle it.


There is a huge market awaiting the Avaya certified designing specialists with an open heart. This certification will enable these people to score great jobs in the market as designing specialists and get high wages. The average wage of a person who does this certification tends to exceed the salary of those people by a great extent who do not do this certification. In fact, this certification prepares these people for the real market and the way in which they will have to deal with all the issues and devise their solutions.

Associated Exam

There is one exam which needs to be cleared after all the courses have been taken. This exam will assess the ability of people doing this certification to make sure they have acquired the necessary skills. The exam associated with this certification is APDS Unified Communications Online Test.


This certification requires a number of prerequisite skills from people who opt for this certification. These people should make sure that they are a good experience in the field of development of various products depending on the need of the situation. They should have a tendency to adapt to the changing conditions and develop their solutions based on the current scenario. Furthermore, they are also supposed to do certain courses which are not mandatory but are recommended to provide a better training to these people.

Examination Overview

APDS Unified Communications Online Test - This is the only test associated with this certification. It will assess the candidates based on the knowledge they demonstrate as well as how they solve various problems. Following topics area outlined for this test.

  1. Discovery of application
  2. Clarification of customer's needs
  3. Solution determination
  4. Validation of design
  5. Presentation of solution
  6. Creation of architectural designs

The candidate should be familiar with the above-listed topics which form the basic solution development which is tested in this exam. The difficulty level of the exam will be intermediate. The candidate should have an idea of how the real-life solution development works and incorporate their knowledge into it in order to produce productive results.

The test will be conducted online for a time of 2 hours. There will be a lot of questions in it which will be testing the knowledge of the candidate from all aspects. The exam will be based on multiple-choice questions. Further information regarding the assessments and tests is available on the official website of Avaya.

Validity of Certification

This certification is valid for a total of 2 years after acquiring it. During this time period the candidate will be completely entitled to this certification. However, once the certification has expired, the candidate will have to apply for a recertification and follow the complete procedure for it.

Expert Review

This certification by Avaya is a masterpiece. It provides a great opportunity for the design specialists to broaden the horizon of their knowledge and enhance their skills. It provides them with real-life examples of how things work so that they get a taste of how the real job would be like. Actually it can be thought of as an amazing preparation for the practical world.

Tom Gibson, Technological solutions

Pennsylvania, USA.

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