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Consultant Manager in ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000

Certification Overview

Oracle experts are diversified. It depends on the certifications, level of experience and the nature of the working environment. For an Exin Consultant manager in ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000, there are a number of diversified tasks that should be performed. He is the professional in charge of creating, planning and evaluating the overall management of the ITSM. Through this certification, an individual will also be skilled in starting up the changes that will fully meet the requirements of the organization. This course will enable the student to initiate the cultural change, and also support the transition activities within the organizations.

Who can do this certification?

The professionals who are skilled in ITSM strategies and objectives in reference to the strategies of the service providers are targeted for this course. The individual should also be skilled in defining metrics and be knowledgeable in the evaluation of the ITSM strategies. The examinations under this certification centre more on the diversified roles related with ITSM.

The individual should also be experienced in working with various business processes and solutions. Candidates who have acquired skills in the ITIL program are also at a better chance of joining this course.


The individual will acquire many essential skills which will enable him to align the IT networking system on a number of platforms. The certification will enable the professional to be efficient in terms of delivering in relation to the people, processes, products and Ps. The expert will have a more efficient and reliable business support after the completion of this certification. The expert will also acquire a clear view on working with the most recent IT capabilities.

Associate Exam

An individual should pass the professional certificate in Associate ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000 examination.


The professional should have some working experience of up to 3 years as a manager in this field. Knowing how to deal with IT organization is also an added advantage. The professionals who have the (2) ITIL intermediate certificate courses will also have an added advantage when it comes to registering under this course. The professional must have also completed the practical assignments within the framework of an Exin training provider. The potential candidates should also take the ITSM bridge exam. In simple terms, an individual should have the knowledge of managing the activities that exist within the SMS. The expert should also be able to support a number of planning activities which revolve around the implementation of SMS.

Examination Overview

Here are some of the topics covered under the certificate in Associate ITSM based on ISO/IEC 20000.

  1. The planning procedures in ITSM
  2. The implementation of SMS
  3. Evaluating and Reporting on SMS
  4. Improvement strategies for SMS

This examination is unique with much emphasis on the needs of the candidates. It will arouse the critical thinking of an individual through the advanced ITSM approach. The student will also have the chance of demonstrating the acquired skills through the projects, assignments. Presentation and a thesis. The examinations are also put with the multiple choices, and this makes it easier for the student to have a good score.

The expert will acquire many skills ranging from defining the responsibilities for ITSM system, evaluating the compliancy level, as well as improving the IT programs. At the end of this certification, the professional will have full mastery in the performance of the organizational structures within the IT domain. There is no doubt that this method of training will equip the professional with the upgraded skills in many IT related areas. Professionals who want to have a better score should consider going for the online training resources through the main website. The ITSM objectives, strategies and policies are clearly explained through this certification.

This examination consists of 40 questions and the minimum score a professional should get is 65%. The examination has both the assessment and essays part. An individual cannot take one part of this test.

Validity of Examination

The tests are replaced from time to time. It is therefore recommended that experts should be well updated on the most recent tests.

Expert Review

Through this certification, a professional will gain improved customer satisfaction, economize time and make improvements in terms of speed and accuracy. In this case, the costs of operation will decrease, and this automatically shifts the profit margins. I have personally gained from this certification, and I can't wait to recommend it.

Robby Taylor, Executive consultant manager

Ohio, USA

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