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Exin Executive Consultant/Manager in ITSM based on ISO/IEC

Certification Overview

The Executive manager in this capacity will have a number of tasks to play within the ITSM based on ISO/IEC. The main objective of this certification is to enable the professional to understand well all the ITSM requirements of the clients and also develop well designed deployment projects. The professional will therefore be equipped with skills that will enable him to develop strong communicational and analytical skills in accordance to the requirements of the clients. It is with this course that an individual will have the ability to work well within a diversified ITSM environment that is based on ISO/IEC.

Who can do this certification?

The professional need to have certifications inITIL. He also needs to have an added working experience in the ITSM processes, release management, service catalog, ITSM products, as well as experience in dealing with Tivoli management for IT. A potential candidate should also have good communicational, analytical and presentational skills. A professional should know how to develop and implement the software application and analyze the designs, and this can be done independently or as part of the team.


There are many good jobs that an individual will get through this certification, this includes: becoming a network analyst, ITSM consultant, ITSM specialist, Application developer, ITSM project manager, among other roles. These occupations are competent, and employers will always seek for employees who have the experience to work in their organizations. Through this certification, an expert will be able to define the IT roles, management and responsibilities, which paves way for clear, established and measurable service delivery. The salary package for these individuals from 45,000 to 75,000 in a span of one year.

Associated Exam

The applicant will have to sit for the Exin Executive Consultant/Manager in ITSM based on ISO/IEC examination.


An expert who has the training on project management skills, as well as knowledge on the upgraded technological solutions and applications will have all the reasons to join in this certification. The expert should have the ability to work within the IT structural activities and relate well with clients. In most cases, professionals who have a creative mind will always be productive because of the evolving nature of the ITSM systems. They should also be well skilled in change management skills as this will help them to minimize on the risks and the possible changes that affects the clients.

The potential candidates for this course should also be skilled in service delivery processes with the main objective of meeting the needs of the customers; this is done with reasonable metrics in order to enhance continuous improvement. An expert who has knowledge with the service level management processes will also find this certification helpful as this will enable him to create a framework within which services should be done.

Examination Overview

The Consultant/Manager in ITSM based on ISO/IEC examination is divided into five main topics which include:

  1. Introduction to ITSM processes and Applications
  2. Service Management benefits
  3. ITIL processes and concepts
  4. ITIL service Transition procedures
  5. Implementation of ITIL related strategies

An individual will be skilled in both management and control techniques that exist within the ITSM working framework. For the IT professionals who intend to move in a service Transition environment, they will be introduced to the transition principles and other related activities. The expert will be able to analyze, justify and choose the implementation processes within the IT infrastructure. It will be easy to assess challenges, risks and critical success. It will become easy for the IT expert to coordinate the ITSM products and apply them within the varied environments without much struggle.

The examination usually consists of 40 questions, and has a strict pass mark of 65%, anyone who fails to achieve this target misses out the certification. There are multiple choices after every question. Wise candidates can opt for online help from the websites and other learning resources in order to become familiar with the questions prior to the main examination.

Validity of certification

Tests change from time to time, the validity of this test will automatically fade when another version is introduced.

Expert Review

An Exin Executive Consultant/Manager in ITSM based on ISO/IEC will be fully equipped with the SMS concepts, measure and understand the implementation considerations. The basic knowledge on the processes within the ITIL services will also be understood. This is the best way of being trained which will enable the requirements of the clients to be understood.

Reuben T, ITSM consultant

Dallas, TX, USA

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