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Exin IT Service Management Foundation Bridge based on ISO/IEC

Certification Overview

The main reason why the Exin IT Service Management system exists is to integrate the professionals so that they become conversant with the ISO/IEC 20000 qualifications. The main aim of this course is to instill fundamental skills that will enable the professionals to be fully involved in the organizational teams that work within the SMS system. The targeted group for this certification is the individuals who have acquired the ITSM basic principles through other training programs.

Who can do this certification?

IT service Management should be done with individuals who have clear mastery skills on ISO/IEC 20000 basics. The student will come across various concepts that will prepare him for more complex tasks in the field of SMS. The professionals in this certification will also find it easy to deal with the requirements of Ezin Program. People who have the IT skills should feel free to join in this certification. Those who have basic understanding on the SSRS processes, analytical and communication skills will find this certification easier as they advance in their studies.


This is just one way of building a higher profile in terms of IT service management. There are many good profession that an individual can get within this course, such as being a service auditor; the expert in this case will mainly deal with the implementation of IT services that are of high quality. This has to be done in relationship to the needs of the clients. The IT professional will gain enough skills on how to come up with a workable framework that will contain the IT related tasks with the integration of technical personnel and clients as well. In many cases, the IT professionals manage a number of incidents, as well as service requests in their entire life of operations, through this certification, everything will be done more easily and efficiently. This is what will give an organization the condition to automate any workflow process.

Associated Exam

An individual will sit for the Exin IT Service Management Foundation Bridge based on ISO/IEC 20000 examination.


For the full IT service delivery, there has to be a connected network of systems and this will always vary from one organization to another. The working knowledge of dealing with the service management systems is highly required. Applicants who have the fundamental basics on IT service management skills based on ISO/IEC20000 can also sit for this certification. The basic knowledge on the ITSM and its operation system is also an essential prerequisite.

Examination Overview

The professional will have to take the test which is usually covered with the following 3 topics:

  1. Service Management concepts
  2. The main Objectives of Service management processes
  3. PDCA Cycle Application

The exam consists of 20 questions which contain multiple choices. An individual should aim at getting 65% in order to be awarded the certificate. The Exin program has made everything simpler because of the organized practical examples assessments and case studies. The professional will be introduced to the main user roles in a given system centre. The aspect of user roles will be thoroughly understood by the professional. As a matter of fact, IT professionals are specialized in certain roles within the organization, for instance, a user role profile should be able to rhyme with specific responsibilities of the employees. In this case the profile controls regulates any form of access to any credentials or work items. With the knowledge in service Management, the professional will be equipped with the scope that is needed on various groups, form templates, queues and views.

It is in this same perspective that experts will turn into real problem solvers, problem analysts, advanced operators, and administrators. The core aspect is to ensure that a strong team is collaborated for an efficient working flow. The main component in the service management include: report users, workflow, end users and administrator. Through the skills acquired, it is easy for the professional to become a diversified IT professional who is able to work in all areas of application within the organization.

Validity of certification

This certificate changes from time to time, depending on the latest version of technology.

Expert Review

The IT service management is a requirement for all the IT professionals' irrespective of the level of experience. This is the simplest way of learning to deal with teams and groups in a given IT based organization in response to various needs of the end users. The provision of sample tests through Exin makes this certification friendly and practicable.

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Delaware, USA.

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