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Exin ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate

Certification Overview

Through this certification, an individual will gain the basics on the major concepts that surround the service lifecycle. Professionals who are already conversant with the IT skills are strongly recommended for this course as it will help them to manage the services effectively on the lifecycle platform. The skills will also help in implementing and enhancing the management systems within the organization. The IT technology is diversified and this means every professional should have upgraded skills all the time in terms of service delivery in order to satisfy the needs of the customers as required.

Who can do this certification?

All the IT professionals who are conversant with the SMS business approaches, experts who intend to add more skills in the ITIL expert certificate can also acquire this certificate. It is quite helpful for those who already have the ITIL foundation certificate in the IT management and those who have already acquired 15 credits within the ITIL service lifecycle, it is even better because this certification will expose you to the more objectives to be covered within this course.


This is a professional certificate that will give any IT professional a gateway to venture into some of the best paying jobs within the IT sector. The good thing is the provision of online studying methods that will provide the learner with everything needed in terms of training resources. Service management processes are among the most centered aspect that will enable the user to familiarize with key concepts within the service lifecycle.

Associated Exam

An individual will have to pass the Exin ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate examination which can be done online through the easy structured guidelines.


A professional should have the basic experience of working within an IT related organization. It is also necessary to have the foundation certificates in ITIL, as this will enable the student to connect and integrate the acquired skills in this certificate. The individual should also be well informed on the capability modules that eventually lead to the certification. Skills in continual service improvement will also be of much value. The IT expert should also have a working experience on the SMS, as this is the main area that exposes more skills through this certification.

Examination Overview

It is necessary for an individual to pass the Exin ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate test which is comprised of the following 7 topics:

  1. Main Service Lifecycle concepts
  2. Communication management
  3. Integration of service management processes within the service lifecycle
  4. Management of services across service lifecycle
  5. Measurement
  6. Ways of improving the service management systems
  7. Organizational and governance strategies

Having acquired these skills, an individual will be able to get the knowledge on the management staff that work in IT related organizations. The service assessments, dependencies, functions, governance structures, and management issues will be well addressed through this certification. The professional will be able to understand deployment capabilities as well as strategic design methods, and requirements that are needed within the across the service lifecyle. In a deeper perspective, this course addresses the service strategies and continual service improvement structures. Risk management evaluation, will become a daily task for the professional who has undergone this test. He will also be in position to configure, plan and implement the ITSM activities without any difficulties. With the use of both open and closed loop systems, an individual will be able to establish a clear relationship among various Business related systems.

The expert will understand the possible challenges that are faced within the organization, through the structuring, governance and transitioning in security related information and balancing in other service operations. The test consists of 10 questions in total, in which an individual should aim at scoring 70% as the minimum score. Students are not allowed to use any form of electronic equipment.

Validity of certification

The ITIL professional certificates change from time to time. The validity of the test will therefore depend on the release of a newer version of the same test.

Expert Review

This certification is a free qualification that will introduce the IT professional to the ITIL certificate. The student will be fully equipped on the basic skills concerning the management of the changes in terms of resources, communication, quality, and business relationships. It will also empower the IT professional to have skills in the regulation of both internal and external risks that are essential for the comprehension of organizational challenges.

Maurice Rodgers, Senior IT consultant

Bellevue, WA

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