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How to pass VCA-NV certification with minimal preparation?

As a virtualization expert I knew I needed to be recognized. The only way to achieve this I knew that I needed to sit for VCA-NV exam so that I can be certified. Getting a certification meant that my credibility in the discussion on issues regarding business challenges that could be addressed by network-virtualization, to provide reliable solutions. I needed to know how it could be used to enhance operational benefits and cost of virtualization across networks. In the course of my research I learnt that certification comes with the benefits to the one being awarded including: technical knowledge recognition, usage of VCA-NV logo, transcripts that are official, exclusive accessibility to the Logo merchandise store and the VCA portal; invitation to better classes and exams, admission to VMware events at discounted prices; and opportunities for greater career advancements. This was one of the greatest news that I had heard within a one year period.

Passing exam had always been an easy thing for me. I am the kind of a guy that grasps things very fast and retain them in my mind top the latter. However, with time, age and the climbing up the academic ladder I realized that this is who I was when I was a young person. In the present age I would be needed to put a lot of effort so that I can do well in any exam. The other thing is have a very demanding job and so balancing between job and revision is a hard thing for me. I therefore set out to find more about the certification and all that I needed to pass the test. The other thing that I learnt about this certification is that the exam is done online and any one can book for it on www.vmware.com/certification after paying for a standard fee of $120. The only thing that is needed is for one to have an active internet that would enable him/ her to complete the given exam questions within 75 minutes. This means that when I decided to book for this exam I had to be prepared in all ways including psychologically.

The good news about the VCA-NV is that if the certification candidate is familiar with VMware technologies and product and the examples of needs that can be met using such technology then he is good to sit for the paper. He or she is likely to be in a kind of a job that allow him to interact with VCA-NV and those who have previously worked in a VMware sphere and have knowledge on the VMware solutions and where they can be used or have an IT certification that is related to the industry are often successful.

Unlike other VCA options VCA-NV is unique in that it's the latest of the certification options available from VMware. It is based on vCNS and NSX products from VMware. However there is no much information available on it as it had never been offered as a direct network-based certification. From all my findings I realized that passing VCA-NV was not a hard task and don't need to have a lot of preparation. The only trick is to be familiar with the different spheres of VMware and their applicability in different business fields and how best they can be used to finding a solution to given challenges. Furthermore, those with a back ground on the field were at a great advantage. Anyone wishing to sit for this exam can do so even two days before the exam.

The certification blueprint which can be downloaded online also provides one with all the information about what they need to pass the exam. I found it o useful such that I didn't need to struggle thinking on where to start or stop.

In conclusion, the VCA-NV does not require a lot of preparation in order to pass. The only trick is to have a previous experience or encounter with VMware operations and using the program blueprint for guidance.

Bassem Zayed, Back-End Developer, XB Software

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