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How to Prepare fast for LPIC-2

As an IT professional I had known that I needed to distinguish myself with my fellow competitors whom we had similar or seemingly equal level of skills. I had realized that the demand for employee with skills in Linux skills was growing at a high rate. Deep inside of me I knew I had what it takes to prove that I was competent and that I had all the skills that most employers were looking for. So I set out for Linux Professional Institute certifications so that I may have something to show for who I was. I did my LPIC- 1 and managed to get certified. I wanted to go up to level 3.

I therefore set to register for LPIC-2 so that I can be an advanced Linux professional. I knew that this was the key step towards administration of small to medium sized networks and also the ability to give suggestions to the upper management in whichever company I would work with. This time I wanted to have an easy time in my revision. After I had done an online registration for my LPIC-2 with one of the LPI affiliate in Japan I booked for an exam in four months time from the date of registry as I needed to have enough time for preparation. Unfortunately, my boss decided to send me for a company errand to Germany. The errand was to take about three weeks in which I was occupied most of the time. There was no way I could have refused to go as I saw it as a grand opportunity to network with professionals from a different part of the world. By the time I was coming back to Japan it was only one week to exam. I wanted to cancel it but there was no way I was going to do it. I wanted to pass the LPIC-2 so that I can proceed to level 3. There was no time to waste. The demand of Linux professionals was growing and I needed to be at the top of the profession. I decided that the one week that was remaining could be enough I would get materials that would help me to have a fast revision and maximize on getting a quality preparation. There were a lot of materials available for revision of LPIC-2. However, I came across a Question and Answer guide with explanations a product of test-king. I realized that if only I could be get as much material as possible then I would be at the safe side.

The Q & A was so elaborate and the explanations were just the representation of what I wanted. I took my time and went through the whole guide mastering the jargons and understanding the content as much as I could. The guide assisted me in getting a fast and reliable revision for my LPIC-2. Handling the exam was the simplest thing in my life. I managed to answer all the questions and spared 19 minutes. I had no doubt that I had passed that exam. This made me realize that it Is not the amount of time that one has to prepare for the exam, but the quality of materials that one uses during the preparatory phase. It would be more important for candidates to be careful when choosing the revision material. This may mean the need to consult a colleague so that you can get the best revision material. Personally I had only one week and with only two hours for five days I was appropriately armed to take the exam. The revision guide helped me so much.

In conclusion, it's very possible to prepare for LPIC-2 within a short period and at the same time gather quality ideas to help you pass the exam. I will recommend test-king Q&A with explanations as a good guide for those with limited time and would like to be certified for LPIC-2.

Gabriel Demartines, Theater Director, IT Experts Co.

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