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Exin IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000

Certification Overview

This course gives the detailed main concepts in terms of IT service management in conjunction with other information management approaches. It is with these skills that an individual will know how to organize teams within the management system. Anyone who has the interest of working with IT related service management platforms is free to join in this certification. Some of the major concepts that a learner will be introduced to aspects related to service management system. Through this course one will open the ways of becoming an IT service manager or IT service auditor. This course will also prepare the professionals for the quality management skills in regards to ISO/IEC 20000.

Who can do this certification?

In the world of IT, everything is dynamic. In this perspective, a serious learner should always be well versed with the most recent system technological practices. The application of PCDA cycle is truly important and a required need for everyone who has the desire to do this certification.

Having the basic ITIL concepts will also be an added advantage. The student should also have some knowledge on ISO/IEC 20000 standard.


The IT management principles are found within this course. The student will also be introduced to the preparation of quality frameworks and the overall application of PDCA; this is what will give a chance for

Associate Exam

The student must sit for the EXIN ITSM Associated Bridge test which comprises of all the IT technological systems and approaches. The samples of this test can also be found online through the main website provider.


An individual should have the complete practical assignments that are usually done under the Training Associate Bridge especially in the IT sector. The certificate in IT service will also be required basing on the ISO/IEC 20000. Having the ITIL basics will also be of much importance. A certificate in EXIN ITSM Associate Bridge should also be acquired in advance, because it covers a series of topics that are related to the roles of various IT service management systems. Students who consider joining this course should also have an Exin provider that has been accredited for training purposes. For the new beginners, it is essential to take the ITSM Associate exam.

Examination Overview

The examination consists of 4 main areas, which include:

  1. Implementation of SMS
  2. Design & Implementation policies
  3. Organizational Activities
  4. Service Management processes

This examination consists of 40 questions and the professional should strive to attain at least 65%, it is the required pass mark. There are many skills that an individual will attain in this course. He will be able to understand how to manage activities, implementation of policies as well as organization of certain activities. Through this certification, an individual will know how to monitor the SMS management process. The student will also learn on the various planning procedures involved in the implementation of the SMS system.

A certified IT service manager will be able to design various policies that will lead to guided organizational activities that will eventually support the service performance. The student will also be taught on the intensified skills that differentiate between ITIL and ISO/IEC20000. With the help of a training provider, the experts will have every reason to pass this test with high scores because all the relevant training manuals and resources are readily provided. it is easy to become a certified professional in IT sector after the successful completion of this test.

This is the ideal certification that will enable the ICT professionals to have a clear understanding regarding their job descriptions, relationships and the emerging trends in the world of ICT.With the use of certified integrator, the professional will be able to learn on the new methodologies and other IT related developments. With the use of Exin resources such as websites, books and manuals, the professional will be well prepared by taking sample tests through the online service methods. The student will also learn on concepts around design transitions.

Validity of certification

This certificate keeps changing depending on the latest version.

Expert Review

Using the IT concepts, an expert will by no doubt be able to link IT service management to other systems, and this is what cerates a platform for organizational teams to collaborate within the service management systems. This is a fulfilling course for those who have more to learn in the world of IT, and the SMS.

Douglas E, I.T Consultant


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