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ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certificate

Certification Overview

Every organization will need an expert who is skilled in continual service improvement certificate. Professionals who are skilled in this sector have the ability to address the most complicated issues that reduce the efficiency in the communication systems within the organization. Through the ITIL infrastructure, an individual will be able to derive on the ideal practices that will adopt IT business integration systems which will positively add on the positive image of the company's portfolio. This certification is comprised of simplified topics that will give the learner an added advantage of developing the experience of working competently in area of application especially in the continual service improvement environment.

Who can do this certification?

The CIOs, CTOs, team leaders, architects, designers, IT consultants, Audit managers, security managers and the ITSM managers are the best target group for this certification. This is the best way to learn on how to improve the services and learn more on processes, principles and organizational techniques. The main role of the professional will be to ensure that all the factors that lead to critical success are implemented. The company will be able to save much more through the skills tat these professionals will implement in the designated areas of work.


The Exin ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certificate will enable the professional to acquire the in-depth-knowledge on creating the best practices that will enable the IT departments to reduce expenses and improve the client's satisfaction. This is done through the planning, implementation and optimization of the continual service improvement procedures. This certification will help the individual to learn deeper on the ITIL continual service improvement systems. It is the easiest way of addressing the high costs that occur in organizations, the profile of the company will be enhanced and no doubt, that clients will get what they want with the provision of high quality services.

Associated Exam

The professional will have to sit for the Exin ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certificate


The professional should have both a foundation and Associate certificate based on ISO/IEC 20000. Having worked as a consultant/manager and participated in any Exin accredited seminar will also be an added advantage. The professional should be able to govern, set the needed direction and manage the IT organization. It is also beneficial to have the certificate in Associate Bridge in ITSM basing on ISO/IEC 20000. The basic knowledge of ITIL is a needed prerequisite for any individual who wants to move well in the IT related management. All the potential candidates must have taken a training course that has been certified by the EXIN- accredited training program.

Examination Overview

The Exin ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certificate test is divided into 5 main topics:

  1. Continual service management introductory principles
  2. Improvement principles on continual service management
  3. Organization for continual service, management
  4. Implementation of continual service management
  5. Main challenges, risks and critical success variants

The examination consists of 8 main questions, and the expert should combine the efforts to have a minimum score of 70% failure to which he will be denied the certificate. During the examination period, students are not allowed to use any electronic device. The professional will basically be introduced to the transition, design and delivery of services that will finally fulfill the requirements and get the right solutions for the clients and the specific service providers. This will be done within a detailed framework which consists of activities such as establishing, implementing, planning, operating, monitoring, reviewing, and improving the SMS. This certification will help answer some of the unanswered questions in a number of organizations.

The professional will thoroughly understand how to interpret, apply, evaluate and analyze the requirements for various user needs. This examination consists of lectures, essays and assessment tests that will enable the professional to develop more understanding on the ITIL practices. He will understand the various changes within an organization, metrics and measurements as well as policies and principles within the ITIL.

Everything has been simplified through the online training manuals that are easily accessed and downloaded.

Validity of certification

The test expires after the introduction of another test version.

Expert Review

The IT professional will be equipped with all the techniques, processes and latest procedures that will fit within ITIL. This certification covers all the control, management and techniques that are essential for the enhancement of the ITIL system lifecycle. I found it helpful and easy, especially with much help from the online training resources.

Martin S, T. ITSM Manager, Francisco CA

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