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What is Linux Essentials?

The curricula of Linux Essentials certification has been prepared by a collaborative effort of a global community of vendors, teachers, educators, instructors, volunteers and Linux-experts. Though this certification includes the basic knowledge and expertise regarding Linux applications, it bears the potential to make the individuals interested and capable of acquiring the advanced level Linux skills to keep them abreast of the latest high-demanding IT industry.

Linux Essentials program is very helpful for the students of school and colleges to make a successful IT career. This program is compatible for bringing Linux & Open Source into the classroom to the young students' in support with the government & educational authorities. This program can be effectively integrated to the school and college curricula through enjoyable learning and competitions, such as, World Skills, Euro Skills, etc.

Linux Essentials validates the knowledge and expertise of the individuals on several topics, such as:

  • The fundamental concepts of processes, components, applications, programs, etc. of an Operating System
  • Fundamental knowledge regarding computer hardware
  • Knowledge of Open Source Applications in the multifaceted work environments relating to Closed Source equivalents
  • Navigation systems application on a Linux Desktop and help seeking techniques
  • Has a rudimentary ability to work on the command line and with files
  • Can use a basic command line editor

The curricula of Linux Essentials certification include IT industry-oriented contents, including:

1. The Linux Community & Open Source Career

  • topic 'Linux Evolution & Operating Systems' focuses on the Know-how of Linux development & major distributions
  • topic 'Major Applications of Open Source' focuses on the knowledge of major applications & their uses
  • topic 'Open Source Software & Licensing' focuses on the Open Source communities & licensing process of Open Source Software to execute business
  • topic 'ICT expertise in Linux' focuses on the fundamental level concepts of ICT skills in Linux environment

2. Finding Way on a Linux System chapter mainly emphasizes on:

  • Topic 'Command Line Basics' provides fundamentals Linux command line applications
  • topic 'Utilizing the Command Line to Seek Help' teaches how to exploit help commands and utilize help systems
  • Topic 'Using Directories & Listing Files' teaches how to navigate home, system directories & listing files in diverse locations
  • Creating, Moving & Deleting Files

3. Utilizing the Command Line's Power chapter mainly emphasizes on:

  • To Store files on the Command Line in the user home directory
  • To search and extract data from home directory files focuses
  • To transform the cyclical commands into simple scripts

4. The Linux Operating System chapter mainly emphasizes on:

  • Knowledge regarding the foremost operating systems & Linux distributions
  • Computer hardware components to build desktop and server computers
  • Information storage on a Linux system
  • Network Querying through vital networking settings & Local Area Network (LAN) requirements

5. Security & File Permissions chapter mainly emphasizes on:

  • topic 'Basic Security & Identifying User Types' focuses on a variety of users on a Linux system
  • How to create Users and Groups on a Linux system
  • topic 'Managing File Permissions & Ownership' teaches the manipulating process regarding file permissions as well as ownership settings
  • Special Directories & Files on a Linux system along with special permissions

LPI Linux Essentials certification process is globally approved and recognized for it's strict rules regarding the administering of exams through independent certification authorities and high standard curricula.

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